Glaser Portfolio Indicators provides a portfolio service to individuals and family trusts, building portfolios of assets from start or remodelling mature portfolios that are not performing up to standard.

We are an advisory business with a simple business model that keeps the client close to their assets, and keeps us close to the client.


Every advisor would say their client is their lifeblood, and servicing that client is paramount. But client service means different things to different people.

I see myself as a consultant who listens to your unique financial story, asking questions that tell me more about you, and then summarises my thoughts in a short report that is emailed to you. Only then can you become a client, or walk away, for no cost.



My financial career started in the 1980s when I studied accountancy at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, then worked as an auditor and accountant for Glaser Wassyng & Co (family firm of accountants).

In a change of direction that fitted in with my love of writing and teaching about finance and stock markets, I became the Senior Editor of the Financial Mail in Johannesburg.

our strategy

My advice to anyone who generates free cash flow from their job or profession, is to get that money back into the risk economy, through either listed shares or investment property – the two asset types that benefit most from our open economy. Later bonds are added to balance the risks.

our portfolios

Portfolio returns are determined by:

  • 1) the mix of assets in the portfolio
  • 2) the currency they are held in and
  • 3) the specific securities and property you have selected, in that order.

contact us

I ask questions and take notes and them email you a two page “audit” of how we might go about building your wealth, given your goals resources etc.

There is no cost or obligation at that stage, and only if you decide to use me do I then produce a full plan for you and sign you on as a client.

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Ebook-The New Zealand Share Market Investor

You can also request my ebook for free that explains how shares actually work for you and how we go about selecting them. It is only 45 pages long and can be obtained by emailing me.


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